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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  March 27, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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was charged with resisting arrest in 2007. he was found not guilty of those charges yesterday. he and his lawyer are moving forward with a lawsuit against>> i think how i was almost executed at the hands of people who took the oath to protect people. >> he says he is still recovering from his injuries when he was shot four * from baltimore police. -- times from baltimore police. he says some plainclothes officers approached him. one started choking him. >> when he grabbed my throat, i was choking. as i am joking, another officer -- s. i am chokinas i am chokinr
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officer knocks me down to the ground and started beating me. before i knew it, they shot me 3police say they thought he put no drugs were ever found in his system. he was charged with assaulting a arrest. charges. >> we have fought hard for three years to prove my innocence. this has been a psychological drainage on me. >> now that the criminal case is over, he and his attorney filed a lawsuit against baltimore city police and the officers involved. >> the arrest occurred wasn't illegal arrest. it was fabricated. he was not in danger. all the witnesses clearly saw that the officers were not in danger. >> he is seeking more than $10 million for his physical and
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psychological damage over the past three years. we contacted baltimore city police about this case, but they had no comment. when the incident happened, they told us that the shooting was justified because the man reached for the gun of an officer. >> it is a scene of a troubleshooting. >> a club has been served with a padlock office. club last week. police said the club's ownerthe university student is behind robbing two students. he was one of 10 men that forced his way into a university -- two men that forced his way into a university dorm room and attempted robbery. one man is charged with two counts of first-degree assault, burglary, and attempted robbery.
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police have not said how they identified the man as a suspect. >> and in 2008, a man and others brought an armored vehicle at a market. he acted as a lookout according to testimony. the employees were robbed at gun point. he was ordered to pay $105,000 and we'll learn about a massive in baltimore city and county. 15 arrests have been made. more could be on the way. >> they seized a lot of merchandise. >> as a result of this
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investigation, we seized large quantities of stolen merchandise. >> shut down and locked tight after a law-enforcement agencies conducted a massive raid. 30 businesses were targeted. officers had a key information. >> i thank all of the members of our baltimore county police to permit for their outstanding work in this investigation. this case cannot have been broken without their involvement. >> investigators believe they broke up a retail theft ring. >> there were a lot of stolen merchandise in the case. the details will become public over the next few weeks. the merchandise was stolen in a variety of ways. >> no one will give specific details just yet on how the scheme worked what type of items or stolen. the u.s. attorney's as evidence will be seized -- evidence that
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was seized will help further the investigation. >> we are sorting through the evidence to see what we have. other leads may be generated by that. >> wbal-tv. >> budget talks continue between the board of estimates and another organization. the board of estimates. the city health department says the biggest reduction would come from animal control and schoolapproving layoffs and shutting of which would be detrimental for the use of the city. >> anytime cut facilities and opportunities for young people to be engaged in something, there is the possibility that they could be involved in risky activities.
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with the way we have come up with the strategies, we hope that people will travel to the pace is that they need to travel -- travel to the places that they need to travel to. >> the mayor is set to propose new ways to decrease the amount of budget cuts. your thoughts on city spending and other fiscal concerns. he is inviting you to their tax payer night wednesday, april 10 at 6:00 p.m. in front of the war memorial building. check our web site for more information at click the link to project the economy. into the baltimore symphony orchestra musicians say that a new salary agreement sets them
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back a decade. they donated $1 million in contract concessions. they will earn up nearly $68,000 now during this season. bp solar has announced the closing of its manufacturing 300 jobs. consent -- continued to receive full payor three months as low as a severance package and other help. and former mayor dixon has a new job promoting minority contractors. she is helping the association with marketing. she left office earlier this year as part of a deal with prosecutors after being convicted of investments of their cards.
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and former congressman kwesi mfume will soon take on a new job. he will become the new executive hot leader of one organization. he was previously with the naacp. he has been pressing for access and affordability in health care. >> get ready to spend more at the movies. >> homeowner helped take two. the obama administration has a new plant. i will tell you more about that next. >> a live picture outside. the
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> we are in the cold part of march. >> that is right. toward the end of march, we will go out like a lion club. -- cub.
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i got our picture back, but no way to transfer it. we are still sitting here doing a dance. >> you are good at this whole talking thing. is it going to rain? how cold is it going to get. cray want to know that stuff. >> you are doing great. >> the east coast is in great shape. a lot of sunshine today. a storm in the central part of the u.s.. the bulk of next week is looking pretty good up through easter. a lot of sunshine today. temperatures are on the chilly side.
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48-53 degrees. the sunday forecast, we start out chilly to partly cloudy skies. the temperatures in just above freezing. during the day, an increase in clouds on sunday. by the end of the day, some rain chances. it will be sunday night into monday. around 63 degrees. rain chances will move out som tuesday. a lot of sunshine wednesday, thursday, friday. 65 on thursday. 73 on friday. i have been too busy so i have not been able to look past friday. >> we know you are working on that. >>the annual cherry blossom
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festival is about to kick option the nation's capital. it will be held between today through april 11. this is the 98 celebration of the original gift of the cherry tree from the city of tokyo. this'll be the official start with family day in the opening ceremonies. >> we will give you the details on the movies next. >> and a new government program to help prevent more foreclosures. >> looking at this beautiful home, you would think it cost a fortune to heat. how about $1.49 for each of the last 20 days? a unique green feature and how you could
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>> the obama administration says its new plan will not stop all foreclosures but could help millions of people. there are bars that of more on their loans than their houses are worth. the other group is an unemployed barber. we have more. >> the signs keep coming. this is how many american homeowners are facing foreclosures. almost 3 million last year. >> these of the amount of homes , less than half a million are held. >> the battle is being lost in the foreclosure crisis. >> ended planned using $14 billion from a bank bailout plan. it is to help borrowers whose falling more on their homes them what they are worth. >> the plan offers cheaper
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payments for up to six months for homeowners who have lost their jobs. will it work? >> it is only hoping -- capping those that are up to date of their payments. >> critics say it is not fair to allow people that bought more homes than they could afford. >> i'm in that -- if we do not plugged the holes at the bottom of the boat, we all sink a little bit. >> the obama administration hopes this will help people fight for closure. wbal tv 11 news. >> best buy has posted positive returns for the fourth quarter. its profit rose 37% in the last quarter of 2009. the management says rising tv,
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computer, and cell phone sales has offset the decline. >> ticket price for movies are increasing. it is mostly for 3 d theaters which are increasing by $3 to $70.50 per person. -- $17.50 per person. here is a look at events gone on around town this weekend.
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>> thousands of homes and businesses are going dark to bring attention to climatemany people in every time zone raise awareness of the threat of climate change tonight. they will go dark. it estimated 50 million people turned off their lights last year for an hour. the goal is 1 billion people worldwide. >> a beautiful new house in howard county is the grand prize for a raffle drawing. it is worth $2 million. it is built with the latest screen features in mind. we are born to be taken on a tour by jennifer franciotti. >> fact -- we are going to be
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taken on a tour by jennifer franciotti. >> for $100 in this house could be yours. the house is the grand prize in a raffle for maryland public television. it has a 1 acre lot. it is the model of a new development built by selfridge homes. this dream home is also a green home. >> it is designed to save 65% energy costs at the home. >> the house is built for energy efficiency. l e deelites, high efficiency equipment and appliances. the solar plant -- led lights, high efficiency equipment and appliances, solar panels on the roof.
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there are other big prizes. >> you get a guided tour of yellowstone national park, a hybrid honda insight. >> online, you can find out more about early bird drawings and other events at the raffle house. the following is on june 26. there is plenty of time to get your ticket. wbal-tv. >> a beautiful house. >> $1.59 a day. >> coming up, some of your top stories. >> and an investigation into a train derailment. >> details emerging of a fire that claimed the life of one man. that is unsettling news continues.
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>> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thanks for joining us. >> i am still working on my computer. we now have a picture. we are working on it.
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all we have to show you is the radar. it tells the whole story. there is nothing over the eastern seaboard. the sunshine will be out during the day today. this storm will eventually get here. we will have another chance for springtime rain. temperatures are a little chilling this morning. we are around freezing. today we will experience chillier than normal temperatures. we will detail all of this in the forecast to come. >> we are looking at some of the top stories. officials are trying to pick out what caused a train to derail. -- howard county line.
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eight train cars derailed friday morning. it happened on the way to philadelphia. the train had no hazardous material. and there was a deadly fire ina victim's body was found around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. they have not released the man's name. we have learned more about the victim through neighbors. >> he was a nice guy. he was a merchant marine. he never caused any trouble. he was a nice guy. >> officials are still looking into the cause of the fire. >> talk is shifting from budget cuts to possible tax increases. they are going over the mayor's budget outline. it currently cousin to positions in the fire and police department. some are worried that it would
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impact public safety including the possibility to fight fires. the response time could be greatly effected. > state house. >> i want to thank. >> like sharks going in for the causes read the hottest document in town. >> this has been a very difficult time frame. over a longer period of time than anyone ever thought about or imagined. >> it would shift the cost of teacher pensions to local jurisdictions including baltimore city. it is likely to be dropped by the committee.
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they oppose making local jurisdictions assume part of the cost during the next fiscal year. it would go up to 5% in 2014 and 2015. many budget items are at odds to what they adopted. >> stem cell funding in half. the one to restore the funding back to 12 million. they also are concerned restoring cuts made to the chesapeake bay clean fun. -- fund. they want to look at each case involved in. committee members pressed for information regarding a response to a state audit that uncovered for hundred $10,000 in questionable compensation payments to a senior employee in -- $410,000 in questionable
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compensation payments to a senior employee in the system. something. >> the asset at a major change in the state lawmaker scholarship fund. the program will be administered commission. the chairman provided members they continue to discuss what to cut and what to keep in the state budget. >> we may be at the bottom of this economic downturn. there are still some fluctuations and unemployment. there are still foreclosures. >> a drunken driver would have to practice but in a program for six months and would have to pay for a device to be installed in to their vehicle.
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they would have to blow into it and if there alcohol levels are above the normal, they would not be able to drive the car. >> congressman elijah cummings will be our guest tomorrow in. [unintelligible] 11 news fitness is up ahead and we will discuss stretching. >> a major retailer is funding a
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>> we are working on it. the computers are still down. most of the information is on the clipboard.
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>> i have been working hard all morning. >> and we appreciate it. >> we are having a computer glitch here. >> and a verbal glitch. >> that is not mine. a beautiful morning. temperatures are around freezing. pittsburg here is the latest radar. a storm is out in the central part of the nation. here is the seven-day forecast. that is all i can do for you now. it tells the whole story. lots of sunshine. some clouds are moving into the picture.
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range is is by the end of the day sunday. tuesday a high of 54 as the rain will come to an end. wednesday, thursday, friday, looks good. it is try with sunshine. >> we are headed in the right direction. >> i am going to hit the brakes again. [unintelligible]
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>> and much needed makeover is in the works for a school library. >> it is making national headlines. tim tooten has the details. >> [applause] schools that just got word that target and its non-profit program the heart of america will redo this library. they will get books and willwe get new tables and new books. >> target is donating 2000 new books to the library. there is another benefit. bucks a piece to start their own at-home library. >> the kids love to read. they love to come to the library to check out books. >> it was picked for the make over for its ongoing community support. >> we think we can do a great job here.
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we think we can bring something new and innovative. >> they will play a role in the makeover. the plans are still on the drawing board. ownership. i think there will be excited about having new books to read. >> wbal-tv. >> it will reopen its doors in the fall as students are coming back to school. >> we have a double treat as a love and fitness comes up next. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> welcome back. time for a lead and fitness. there is controversy over stretching. we brought in three people to talk about it. these three have never appeared together. >> this is a treat. >> this is appropriate. >> what is up with stretching? >> years ago, the only question
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was how do you stretch. then it was windy stretch. now people are asking if i should stretch. and you both say, >> absolutely. >> let's show how you should not stretch. >> see what he is doing, this bouncing thing, you did not want to do this. there is a reflex. if he bounce, it is counterproductive. no bouncing. >> charles is going to stretch his hamstring. when you breathe, it relaxes the body and the muscle. if you have a trainer, you can
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have someone qualified to come in and know how to stretch you. >> we are making in love connection. >> we already have that. >> if i push past the this, i can hurt it. there are reasons why people say not to stretch because of those injuries. >> i read an article that said he has only seen runners injured by stretching. this is a blanket statement. no matter what you are doing, you should always stretch. >> you do not want to bounce. if you are going to stretch with
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someone like this, they need to be qualified. he never want to stretch before the workout. when you are cold, the muscles are like cellophane. it is cold. imagine stretching cold taffy. you need to wait until you are done. make your warm-up very gradual. the length and it naturally. when they are done, you stretch. >> i am getting old. [laughter] >> some people are afraid of yoga. to start out, we made to this.
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>> how convenient. >> it is 10 minutes of relaxation followed by stretching. everybody could use that. make sure you are doing it at the end of a workout. >> keep it simple. no bounce in. stretch after you work out and always stretch. >> absolutely. when you work out, you shorten these muscle fibers. when you walk around during the day, you have pulling in different areas of your body. stretch and relax. >> charles wants to know how much this is going to cost him. [laughter]
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>> i will be off for a few weeks because i am having surgery. >> we wish you the best. >> charles will be here more. please keep stretching. >> i do not think he will be jumping any time soon. >> that is an excellent stretch. >> for more information, go to >> i am not lifting this. >> you can do it. >> stretch with your partner can be fun.
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>> c.s.. -- yes. >> we will be right back. [unintelligible] [laughter] >> we will see charles next week if he can move. >> sarah palin and john mccain for the first time since the campaign. that is coming up on the today show. and here with one woman had to say. and what' unmarried couples are doing her if they do not stay
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together. and something absolutely adorable. those stories are coming up when
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>> it still does not feel like the spring sports season yet. when you see rivals collide, you know it is almost peak season. five kelly cousins on the team. they all can play. loyola had an early 3-2 lead. calvin hall in front. top shelf for the goal. loyola is beaten 10-5. and an off-season back entry for, but roberts. he is in the batting order for the first time last night. not doing much.
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0-3 at the plate. the orioles lose to the twins. none roster moves were made. joshua bell showed early signs before falling. the relief pitcher cannot go to he goes back to the minor leaguehe will continue to work to strengthen his pitching arm. for gilbert arenas will not have to do any jail time, because he was sentenced to 30 days in a halfway house along with a fine. it is for his felony gun charges. he has not played since december for the washington wizards. he brought four handguns to the was water room violating the dc gun laws.
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it has brought havoc on the washington was first this season. it is one of the insignificant teams in the nba with his absence. they were taking on the charlotte bobcat's last night. here is the drive and a slam. tyson chanler. -- chandler. the owner of the charlotte bobcats, michael jordan, he was happy about their win because he was let go by the washington wizards. i am gerry sandusky. >> there are a couple of new
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movies in theaters this week. it is in the box office preview. >> most places have mosquitos. we have dragons. >> "how to train your dragon >" ." this is from the studio that brought you "shrek." it is rated pg. >> a bunch of guys in a bathtub together. >> four buddies party hearty and wake up in 1986 in "hot tub a time machine." they decide to try to alter the
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past and try to prevent a dismal future. it is rated r. opening in limited release is the infidelity drama "chloe." a husband catches his wife in an affair. ben stiller is in another limited release film. he is single in his 40's. that is the box office preview. nbc news. >> the seven-day forecast, we
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are ok today. we are on the chilly side. the sunshine is out. tomorrow it will not that much warmer and more cloud. rain chances will increase. once we get rid of the crawl, -- clouds, we will have more sunshine and warmer temperatures later next week. >> thanks for watching. the "today show" is next. we will see you in 25 minutes. .
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clutching approaching the end of the second month on job -- on the job, -- >> mayor stephanie rawlings blake is approaching the second month on the job. we are facing a $121 million budget deficit. they are trying to address nearly 30,000 vacant properties. they are looking at property taxes to raise revenue and warm. -- and more. there is a dwindling tax base. baltimore is in need of some dramatic changes.
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they may relocate families from desolate to more stable neighborhoods in certain areas such as detroit. baltimore city is considering a less dramatic but similar approach to relocate recreation centers and privatizing trash and recycling collections. the proposed changes will create debate. we applaud the new mayor and a transition team for providing a new perspective and try to tackle the problem with a business-like approach. american cities are cultural and economic centers. this affects our terrorism and future development. ♪
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